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Bumbano BTC is for anyone who wants to pay & earn in bitcoin. !!!Please Note!!! Don't click on this link if you dont have bitcoin. As you wont be able to pay in any other currency except bitcoin.

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S.A Bumbano Vukuzenzele is for South African Members only. All members that register with this link will only be able to pay with South African Banks.

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Read some of the comments from our satisfied members below.

Thank you Bumbano , I got my first R60 in no time now on waiting list number 2

Thank you Bumbano for their compensation plan.l have earned up to level 3

Good Morning every one Bumbano is the best wool I can't shut my mouth this is the great oppatunity to improve our financial crisis. Thank you from Gladys

Join today 26/10 in my first 20 min i was paid and moved to level 1 wow. this program is brilliant. well done

This is working only when everyone that joins puts in the effort to meet the minimum requirement and please recruit people with a passion to work not people who wants to idle. You may have the money but if you are not going to get DL who will also be loyal to bring in DL then it wont work for you hence I never recruited some of my friends but I know they can purchase positions with no hassle but they will never bring in people...This is working and really working ..

Hi everyone,
I must admit that this is an exceptional initiative to assist the less fortunate of our communities while securing a brighter future for our own families. I am blessed to have been introduced to this dynamic, Bumbano Vukuzenzele.
Thank you for offering me the opportunity to change my life while changing others.

Hi. I am a member and have seen changes in my life since I joined Bumbano. Can I ask admin to put back the option to use bank details as bitcoins are complicated. I have old and disadvantaged people who wants to join Bumbano

transfered 20 vai capitec

Bumbano Vukuzenzele is the best South African program I've ever joined. It allows all members to benefit, irrespective of their experience, wealth or walk of life. The best thing is that it does not cost an arm and a leg - R20 is all it takes to get started...

Wow, this system is the best I have been on! I joined on Friday, 11 November 2016 and I received my R60 payout today, 13 November 2016. All this in only 2 days.

Bumbano Vukeuzenzele the best programme I have ever seen, comparing input to earnings. We must all work at this programme together for huge success. Peter M East London

This works have been paid by my downline R60 and have already upgraded and awaiting for confirmation of payment

Just woke up to my first R20 payment. Feels good knowing the system works and looking forward to more beautiful "wake up" notifications. Have 1 problem though, I fail to approve the payment. What do I do ,cos I dont wanna delay a fellow member's progress?

Joned here with big hopes to make money sailing smoothly until the system failed and i drifted off course. But now we have hope again that we will set sail again due course with the help of good Samaritans who are working day and night tirelessly. Thank you guys.

My name is Nobantu,I am a proud Bumbanite.

umbano Vukuzenzele Community (a matrix where you start by R20 with R200 000 as actual amount you stand to make. All you need to do is recruit 3 people who will also recruit their first 3's. We create a chain of people helping one another.
Bumbano had 2 Phases and the only amount you pay from your pocket is R20,the rest is from the system:
Phase 1
Level 1 - R20
Level 2 - R50
Level 3 - R150
Re-enter level 1 R20
Phase 2
Level 1 - R2000
Level 2 - R4000
Level 3 - R7000
Even if you don't believe in this things, R20 is not much of a risk. Don't tell me you cant recruit 3 people because when there's a sale/special at some shop, you tell your friends. We all know 3 people (mom,sister/brother,bae,colleague etc)

Good morning team Bumbano.
Thank you for bringing us this wonderful matrix. I happy I'm now on level 1 phase 2 hippy. I'm so happy. I will have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you Admin and everyone who work 24/7 on making sure the system is running smoothly.


This is working like a dream so far lovely to see the R20's coming into my bank account

Hi everyone I'm Wiseman Mxoyana in Johannesburg in Tembisa ,I joined u bumbanovukuzenzele matrix on the 02-11-2016.. I followed the rules now in level 3 in phase 1...
Phambali ngo bumbano vukuzenzele phambili...

Hi. My name is Jasmine. I joined Bumbano around 8th Nov. We've had a few stops and starts, but for a R20 contribution, I've so far received R1410.00. And going strong.

This is the best mlm programs

Hi guys. I never believe that bumbano vukuzenzele will act this way. That's truly when they say join our team at bumbano. I just get all my payments from the participants. Only with R20 you will be a rich man. I promise you guys just only R20 which you throw it away join bumbano with it. its amazing return.BIGBuCKS in YOUR pocket. halaalaah!! Sabata.

This is more like tip than a testimonial..If you have to recruit ..fill the will have to sit down and draw your,your 3ppl under you,their 3ppl under them you can hel fill the gaps under that way you will move up faster..and if you have pay for family you recruit spread them out under diffrnt ppl ..not under each other otherwise you will get stuck fast..

Have joined other networks, but Bumbano Vukuzenzele beats all, has a good working environment, owner always interacting with members and this gives assurance and motivation to members to work well with confidence.
I love Bumbano and encourage everyone to stop grasshopping as this is the only network working. Work as a team and put in effort and u will never go wrong. Forward with Bumbano.

I'm joind bumbano with my R20 and share this with My friends who did the same , I made money within a very short space of time

#long live bumbano

Good day My name is Edwill, what a great plan bumbano is, its fast and a easy matrix. With just R20 once its as easy as can be.

I would like to continue with Bumbano as it is changing lives and fighting poverty

Bumbano is hear to change the financial status of the people. On Phase 1: Level 1 I got my 3 friends who paid me R20 each. Immediately, I was able to upgrade to Phase 1:Level 2 by paying somebody R50. I am now expecting 9 payments of R50 each to give me R450. I'm making progress

I am Simprah and I received money from all downliners within 30 minutes. Bumbano rocks

This is an opportunity very cheap and easy to run, but highly rewarding.With just R20 once off, from your pocket,you can't get a better one than this else where.

A system that really brings people together in terms of affordability from all walks of life.

Hopes i had gone with the quietness of the wind and drifting, but now hope is restored by the wind created by our administrators working hard. Thank you.

Tired of paying to much at other online stokvels and getting less profits?

Yes !!!! Change now join a best south African online Stokvel
it won't let u down
Bumbano just changed my life

it your 🕧 now to shine
No more online scammers
Bumbano will take care of u
just like me .....

join now. ... festive is around the corner
.........Thanks alot Bumbano
4 being here ,4me

whatspp m 0621774399

join us with your friends and family.

Keep up Gud work Bumbano u the best guys 100%

All rough and tough seas and winds have hindered my path but now with the help of good Samaritans who worked days on end, we are sailing again.

Hi there, I signed up last week and have made R440 profit, am loving this platform

Bumbano helped me to give my son a very nice birthday party. I had to make sure that I recruit and helped my DL so that I can get what I want. The key to reach your target in this matrix is to recruit and help each other. Upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade. Thanks

Yeah it works, I've received my first R20!!!