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Bumbano BTC is for anyone who wants to pay & earn in bitcoin. !!!Please Note!!! Don't click on this link if you dont have bitcoin. As you wont be able to pay in any other currency except bitcoin.

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S.A Bumbano Vukuzenzele is for South African Members only. All members that register with this link will only be able to pay with South African Banks.

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Read some of the comments from our satisfied members below.

This is an opportunity very cheap and easy to run, but highly rewarding.With just R20 once off, from your pocket,you can't get a better one than this else where.

Just woke up to my first R20 payment. Feels good knowing the system works and looking forward to more beautiful "wake up" notifications. Have 1 problem though, I fail to approve the payment. What do I do ,cos I dont wanna delay a fellow member's progress?

Hi guys. I never believe that bumbano vukuzenzele will act this way. That's truly when they say join our team at bumbano. I just get all my payments from the participants. Only with R20 you will be a rich man. I promise you guys just only R20 which you throw it away join bumbano with it. its amazing return.BIGBuCKS in YOUR pocket. halaalaah!! Sabata.

My name is Nobantu,I am a proud Bumbanite.

umbano Vukuzenzele Community (a matrix where you start by R20 with R200 000 as actual amount you stand to make. All you need to do is recruit 3 people who will also recruit their first 3's. We create a chain of people helping one another.
Bumbano had 2 Phases and the only amount you pay from your pocket is R20,the rest is from the system:
Phase 1
Level 1 - R20
Level 2 - R50
Level 3 - R150
Re-enter level 1 R20
Phase 2
Level 1 - R2000
Level 2 - R4000
Level 3 - R7000
Even if you don't believe in this things, R20 is not much of a risk. Don't tell me you cant recruit 3 people because when there's a sale/special at some shop, you tell your friends. We all know 3 people (mom,sister/brother,bae,colleague etc)

This works have been paid by my downline R60 and have already upgraded and awaiting for confirmation of payment

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