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Bumbano BTC is for anyone who wants to pay & earn in bitcoin. !!!Please Note!!! Don't click on this link if you dont have bitcoin. As you wont be able to pay in any other currency except bitcoin.

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S.A Bumbano Vukuzenzele is for South African Members only. All members that register with this link will only be able to pay with South African Banks.

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Hi everyone,
I must admit that this is an exceptional initiative to assist the less fortunate of our communities while securing a brighter future for our own families. I am blessed to have been introduced to this dynamic, Bumbano Vukuzenzele.
Thank you for offering me the opportunity to change my life while changing others.

Hi guys. I never believe that bumbano vukuzenzele will act this way. That's truly when they say join our team at bumbano. I just get all my payments from the participants. Only with R20 you will be a rich man. I promise you guys just only R20 which you throw it away join bumbano with it. its amazing return.BIGBuCKS in YOUR pocket. halaalaah!! Sabata.

Have joined other networks, but Bumbano Vukuzenzele beats all, has a good working environment, owner always interacting with members and this gives assurance and motivation to members to work well with confidence.
I love Bumbano and encourage everyone to stop grasshopping as this is the only network working. Work as a team and put in effort and u will never go wrong. Forward with Bumbano.

Thank you Bumbano , I got my first R60 in no time now on waiting list number 2

I am Simprah and I received money from all downliners within 30 minutes. Bumbano rocks

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