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Bumbano BTC is for anyone who wants to pay & earn in bitcoin. !!!Please Note!!! Don't click on this link if you dont have bitcoin. As you wont be able to pay in any other currency except bitcoin.

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S.A Bumbano Vukuzenzele is for South African Members only. All members that register with this link will only be able to pay with South African Banks.

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Bumbano is hear to change the financial status of the people. On Phase 1: Level 1 I got my 3 friends who paid me R20 each. Immediately, I was able to upgrade to Phase 1:Level 2 by paying somebody R50. I am now expecting 9 payments of R50 each to give me R450. I'm making progress

Wow, this system is the best I have been on! I joined on Friday, 11 November 2016 and I received my R60 payout today, 13 November 2016. All this in only 2 days.

Thank you Bumbano , I got my first R60 in no time now on waiting list number 2

Hi. My name is Jasmine. I joined Bumbano around 8th Nov. We've had a few stops and starts, but for a R20 contribution, I've so far received R1410.00. And going strong.

A system that really brings people together in terms of affordability from all walks of life.

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